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Before we start, we want you to sit back and begin to imagine that you are already on holiday.
As you take a visual journey through some of Africa’s best destinations, take the time and enjoy.

No one wants to rush a holiday, so why rush this?

If you would prefer to talk about a tailor made itinerary

  1. Choose the country OR countries you would like to visit by ticking the circle next to the country name.
    Note: If you do not tick the country circle, then the country will not be added to your itinerary.

  2. Browse the location within the countries you have chosen, by clicking on the country name.
    Note: To add a location to your itinerary tick the circle next to the area name.

  3. You can choose activities within an area by clicking on the name. All activities have been categorized and you can view individual activities by clicking through each category.
    Note: To add an activity to your itinerary tick the ‘Add to itinerary’ box.

  4. To review the itinerary you have created click on the Review Trip button, which is in the letter I in Africa on the left hand side of your screen on the Map pages.
We look forward to seeing the trips you create!
Happy browsing.
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